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Author New AlphaServer 2100 Hobbyist

Posts: 1
Joined: 29.06.14
Posted on June 29 2014 14:37

I am Peter Mantos from Albuquerque, NM. If you recognize the name MANTOS, it might be because my uncle Paul worked for DEC for many years (from the late 60's on) and his son Joe, worked out in Hudson.

My first machine was a PDP/8e (circa 1973) and I am presently restoring an AlphaServer 2100. I have a working MicroVax 3100-80 in my office. I have worked professionally in VMS as a software developer. I know system calls, RMS file structures, DBMS, and RDB very well. I have programmed in MACRO, BASIC, COBOL under VMS. My most recent VMS work was converting police records stored in an undocumented format in RMS files to M/S SQL for a city in Texas.

I am stuck on restoring the alpha server 2100 and will post a question soon. Basically, I have a strange system time and cannot reset it using the ECU. I thought the problem was the keyboard (got an Lk450), then the firmware (have successfully updated to 5.3smiley, and today I put it a new DALLAS clock/battery chip.

I still get "Error: invalid system date or time, press any key ..." I'll post details and will welcome your advice.

Peter Mantos
Author RE: New AlphaServer 2100 Hobbyist

Posts: 527
Joined: 15.04.08
Posted on June 30 2014 03:24
I have found with AlphaServer 2100s that you need to make sure all the boards are properly seated by pressing firmly on them.
Author RE: New AlphaServer 2100 Hobbyist

Posts: 11
Location: abergavenny, wales
Joined: 20.10.12
Posted on November 03 2014 03:31
I have the same problem with my restored AS2100. I assumed it was the DALLAS chip, but you say you've swapped yours already?

Author RE: New AlphaServer 2100 Hobbyist

Posts: 67
Location: bristol,UK
Joined: 23.03.07
Posted on November 10 2014 11:58
Not Sure if this is relevant but I have similar date/time problem when trying to boot my Alphaservers 4100 and 4000 in that both are reluctant to boot up OVMS 8.3 unless I set the date/time using the DATE command from the SRM P00>>>

Strangely, the date/time data looks correct , except that the year appears as 2094 when using the same DATE command to request the stored time! (I assumed that a battery was the cause but was surprised that only the year was wrong - by one digit)

Oh and Hi to Peter - I plan to wrestle with TCPIP and compare a C++ prog under Ubuntu with the same prog under VMS, to retain some contact, tomorrow as it's going to be wet and miserable, probably much different to New Mexico! Just listening to a VMS roadmap talk and someone asked about upgrading the FORTRAN compiler - there is still hope!
Edited by somersdave on November 10 2014 12:15
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