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  Updated: 10 March 1999 

Compaq and DECUS expand Free License OpenVMS Hobbyist Program

Dallas - The OpenVMS Hobbyist Program announced during Cincinnati's DECUS Symposium in June of 1997 has been successfully providing Free OpenVMS licenses for OpenVMS Computer Hobbyists and their Digital VAX computers for non-commercial purposes. 

Compaq and DECUS are continuing this success by extending free OpenVMS licenses to OpenVMS Computer Hobbyists for their Historical VAX 32-bit systems and their cutting edge Alpha 64-bit computer systems. 

Compaq's OpenVMS Operating System runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems and has continually improved Computer server technologies for the past 20 years. OpenVMS has stability and features are years ahead of the rest of the industry with built-in features like, Clustering of up to 96 nodes, TCP/IP networking, Netscape, SMP, and the newly announced Galaxy multi-OS Instance partitioning system for Alpha platforms.

Today's OpenVMS Hobbyist Program not only provides hobbyists access to the base Operating System OpenVMS 7.2, but entitles the Hobbyist to load and run Xwindows/Motif as a GUI, TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS, and DECnet. 

In addition to these core of products for both VAX and Alpha OpenVMS, Compaq has added to the License list, state-of-the-art compilers like C, C++, Fortran, Cobol, Basic and ADA to the OpenVMS Hobbyist program. Productivity tools such as Language Sensitive Editor (with context sensitive editing and debugging from the editor), Word processing and graphic processing tools have also been included in Hobbyist list of tools to allow the OpenVMS Hobbyist to build the most advanced computer environment in the industry at home for testing, education and personal use! 

The DECUS members who have asked for Hobbyist licenses are those who would like to run, experiment and learn OpenVMS systems in much the same way as they use LINUX or Windows at home today. The OpenVMS hobbyist Program represents an opportunity for DECUS members and Computer Hobbyists to get their hands on some of the most Advanced computer software in today's computer industry without having to spend thousands of dollars on licenses or be restricted to learning a Mainframe Class Operating System only on the Largest Servers that companies use today. 

The Hobbyist licenses can only be used for non-commercial, Hobbyist or Personal Education, the license is granted only for 12 months from the date of issue and are non-transferable. 

No Compaq Support or usability guarantee is expressed or implied with these Hobbyist licenses so if you want support you must buy a regular OpenVMS License from Compaq. 

The full terms of the licenses are on the website http://www.montagar.com/hobbyist/ and the webform will only ask for your name, DECUS ID and a valid E-mail Address. The PAKs Are generated on-line and then E-mailed to your acccount! 

Many in the OpenVMS Community will use these licenses to learn more about OpenVMS In their spare time, others will want to load OpenVMS on any number of computer systems that have been used over the last 20 years and just remember. 

For whatever reason Computer Hobbyists keep systems in their home, now they have an opportunity to run an enterprise class operating system with software licenses that won't break the hobbyist's budget! 

This is to be considered draft one of our internal FAQ regarding the OpenVMS Hobbyist Program for Compaq Consumption only. 

Q: What is the cost and terms of the OpenVMS Hobbyist Program license program? 

A: The OpenVMS Hobbyist program has no cost associated with it. Hobbyist will receive licenses PAKs for OpenVMS, UCX, DECnet, Motif, and almost 100 layered products to be used under the Terms and conditions spelled out on the Hobbyist WEBpage 


The brief terms are that Hobbyists may not use any of these software PAKs for business purposes or to make money with them. These PAKs may not be resold or redistributed for any reason and are designated for Home or Personal use only. 

OpenVMS Hobbyist PAKs are valid for one year from the date of issue and will expire after 12 months. Future PAKs may be obtained with the same process as the original PAKs were requested with. 

Q: What Products are included in the OpenVMS Hobbyist Program? 

A: Base OS and layered products for both VAX and Alpha systems is now included in this program.  

OpenVMS 7.2, Motif, TCP/IP services for OpenVMS, DECnet, and many of the compilers and other tools for program creation and workstation development. 

For a full list of products consult the OpenVMS Hobbyist WEBpage. 

All previous versions of the released products are also included in the OpenVMS Hobbyist program. 

Q: How was the product list decided for the OpenVMS Hobbyist Program? 

A: All non-royalty OpenVMS products (products exclusively owned by Compaq) wereconsidered. 

The list was modeled after the ASAP program for ISVs and the CSLG Program for Colleges and Educational Institutions. 

Q: What are the requirements to participate in the OpenVMS Hobbyist License Program? 

A: In order to obtain an OpenVMS Hobbyist License the following must be adhered to: 

  1. The DECUS Chapter must provided a user list of eligible Members who may participate in this program to either [email protected] or [email protected]
  2. The information must be in plain Text and include a membership number and Member name . Unless the local DECUS chapter is willing to participate individuals in that Country cannot obtain Hobbyist Licenses with this program. 

  3. The DECUS Member must provide the following on the license WEBpage: 
  4. Member Name 
    DECUS Chapter Number 
    Valid E-mail Address on the Internet
    PAKs will be E-mailed to the validated E-mail Account. 

    No other method for PAK distribution is planned at this time. 

Q: Is this a US DECUS program only or are other chapters able to participate? 

A: Forward all requests for participation in the program to John Wisniewski and the DFWLUG Will add the chapter DECUS groups to the participating lists. 

Advise individuals to contact their local DECUS Chapter and have the chapter contact [email protected] or [email protected]

We will not be able to assist individuals outside of the US without their chapter's approval and participation in this program. 

Q: Who polices the program? 

A: The Program is currently run under the auspices of the US DECUS Chapter by grant of authority by the OpenVMS Business Group. 

The Dallas Ft Worth Local Area User Group of DECUS has committed volunteers to the program who oversee it's security and web activities. 

The VAX OpenVMS Hobbyist program has been run for the last 18 months under this program team and the OpenVMS Business Group's oversight. 

John Wisniewski (Compaq), David Cathey (Montagar Software) and Pat Jankowiak (Sony Electronics) have been the main DFWLUG contacts for this program. 

Q: How are media kits distributed? Is documentation included? 

A: The DFWLUG has in the past offered for sale an OpenVMS Hobbyist Version CDrom for VAX that included several older VMS versions and tools that would be helpful for the hobbyists. 

VMS Media can be purchased by ordering it from Compaq as any other customer would. 

Before the next US DECUS Symposia the DFWLUG is going to update it's CDrelease for the Hobbyist program to create an OpenVMS 7.2 CDrom for the Hobbyist (VAX and Alpha Variants) This should be considered as a completely unsupported OpenVMS Release! 

It is planned that historical CD-ROM sets (Older versions of OpenVMS 1,2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) will also be produced by the DFWLUG and offered for sale on the web to interested Hobbyists. 

Online Documentation has been included in the past CD releases for the base OS. 

Q: Do Hobbyists receive any service/support? 

A: No. support, service or warrantee is provided with this license. If a support contract for OpenVMS is desired by an OpenVMS Hobbyist, one can be contracted for through Compaq at the commercial rates. 

Q: Do Hobbyists pay any money? 

A: No, DECUS membership is the only real pre-requisite and that is available free for the US chapter at http://www.decus.org/ 

The Information is used only to validate and confirm the identity of the Person receiving the licenses. 

Ownership of all programs, software, and licenses remain with Compaq and the Copyright holders according to the terms and conditions outlined on the Hobbyist webpages. 

For other questions or follow-up to this program contact [email protected] 

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