New alpha emulator
Posted by imiller on December 30 2009 02:06
Migration Specialties have been developing a new alphaserver emulator and have announced a beta release of the free version. Support is via the FreeAXP forum on this site.
Extended News
According to the press release Migration Specialties will soon be providing the beta version of FreeAXP®, their free AlphaServer 400 hardware emulator, to select testers. FreeAXP is a cross-platform virtualization solution that allows users to create a virtual Alpha environment under Microsoft Windows to support native TRU64 and OpenVMS applications. FreeAXP will be available for both personal and commercial use. You read that right; the FreeAXP license will not restrict commercial use. FreeAXP creates a virtual machine that emulates legacy Digital, Compaq, and HP Alpha hardware. It is binary compatible with OpenVMS and TRU64 operating systems and layered products.

There is more about this at Migration Specialties

Support is via the