Temporary Outage
Posted by HobbyistOne on February 04 2011 16:52
Hello everyone! We're back online! Sorry for the outage, but here in North Texas we've had a little bit of bad weather. Okay, you Canadians would call it "Fall", but it's pretty unusual here in Texas. Ordinarily it should be no problem. However the power grid folks (ERCOT) decided to have a series of blackouts because they were having problems. We got 4 of them. They were just long enough to test the limits of the UPS's, and frequent enough to cause havoc on our systems. You should always have a backup, but unfortunately, both the primary and secondary DS10L systems suffered a CPU fan failure. Part #74-60847-01. The same fan on both, so I couldn't even trade parts between them to get a working system.

However, thanks to a rapid shipment from Island Computers, I was able to get everything back up and running quickly.