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Author I am a VAX enthusiast...

Posts: 16
Joined: 16.12.06
Posted on February 15 2007 08:13
maybe one day I will do great things such as writing code like that:

MOV R3,@(R5)+ 8)

Seriously, I think PDP11 assembler is a very interesting thing to spend some time with. But I am personally not that far yet. In the meantime I got SIMH up and running on my PC. Enough patience to wait until I finally got Hobbyist licenses from DECUS :wink:

Soon afterwards I felt I would need a "real" thing - I could manage to buy a VAXstation 3100 m38 through ebay. Nice box. But 3.8 VUP is not too much when compiling C++ stuff. So I bought another box: a VAXstation 4000 m90 - amazing 40 VUP, WOW! I just love that one. The other box is not completely forgotten - to build up a cluster will be one of my next tinkering experiences smiley

The emulation on the PC is also a very interesting aspect for me. The ~20 years old hardware will die sooner or later, no doubt. Emulators will live on for a while...
I do not have DECs VUP benchmarking suite. From some simple tests I assume that SIMH/VAX on my state of the art notebook (1.6 GHz Centrino) must have around 7 to 8 VUP (its about twice as fast as my VAXstation 3100 m38).

Does it make any sense for a hobbyist to even think about the purchase of the Charon-VAX software? I dont have an idea about its price (why do they make such a secret of their prices???) and I wonder, if Charon VAX will outperform SIMH/VAX in terms of a magnitude, or if it would be just SOME faster.... :?:

Kind regards


User Avatar

Posts: 277
Location: UK
Joined: 24.02.06
Posted on March 07 2007 23:57
there is a free version of CharonVAX. I don't know if it is quicker than SIMH or not.

Posts: 7
Joined: 09.03.07
Posted on March 09 2007 05:31
I did benchmark latest Charon VAX demo and latest SIMH with calculate_vups.com.

Host platform:
Software: Windows
Hardware: Intel PIII-600
Results, VUPS:
Charon: 3.8
SIMH: 2.2

Charon VAX definitely outperform SIMH by performance. However, demo version of Charon VAX have no "Accelerated CPU Emulation (ACE)" feature. So performance of commercial Charon VAX Plus will be ever greater. I know nothing about Charon VAX prices, but surely price will depend from set of purchased features and from product type. Charon VAX licensing is very flexible. It allow restrict maximum number of emulator instances, number of utilized host CPUs, etc.

Posts: 16
Joined: 16.12.06
Posted on March 10 2007 08:15
[quote:512bd5f789]P.S. I have successful experience in extending of purchased Charon VAX feature set[/quote:512bd5f789]

You better delete that statement from this forum as fast as you can! I will delete my quoting as follow up. This is a promise!

For me it is still strange why Charon makes such a secret of their prices. I asked several people, got several "it is REALLY expensive" answers, but still have no idea about their prices...

So what. I'd rather spend some money to support SIMH development. Personally I ended up with a "real" machine: a VAXstation 4000-90. Very close to the upper end of small size VAX performance. And still some years ahead of simulated VAX performance.

Posts: 2
Location: Quayle Consulting Inc.
Joined: 09.03.06
Posted on April 17 2007 10:01
"Expensive" is a relative. A production system can have downtime costs of thousands to millions of dollars. I've seen customers who are paying $10,000 per *month* in hardware support. CHARON-VAX provides high value for those customers.

I fly airplanes for fun. Spending $50-$100 per hour of flight time is part of my hobby. Expensive? Depends on your perspective.

If you want a free CHARON-something, you can download PersonalAlpha from the SRI web site and use it for free. IF you're going to play around with VMS, might as well be at version 8.3 instead of 5.5. You can get free licenses from DSPP or the Hobbyist program.

The "price" isn't secret as much as it depends -- there are low-end VAXstation replacements (one with only 16 MB of RAM!) to a 6-processor VAX that's faster than any physical VAX ever built.

I'm a CHARON reseller, and proud of it. My goal is to preserve VMS everywhere I can, and if I have to emulate the hardware, so be it.
Author 83 BOOT SYS

Posts: 2
Location: Chile
Joined: 16.05.07
Posted on May 16 2007 11:15
Friends, i need some help, after i executed this command:
>>>U C

>>>B/1 DKA300

SYSBOOT> SET SGTREQ 2800 ..for a cluster, but I dont have a cluster, after that when I do:
>>>START ...I get:

-DKA300 ...and dont boot the system.

How can I come back the configuration?

Before, when I do:

>>>START ..the system was OK, and always with DKA300.

Help me my friends, I didnt know what happend.

Many thants.
osca1069@hotmail.com osca1069@yahoo.com
Author 83 BOOT SYS

Posts: 2
Location: Chile
Joined: 16.05.07
Posted on June 05 2007 11:09
Thanks sir, but when i did what you tell me, the VAX dont boot, the $ caracter dont appear

Any way, where can I get some Operating System Tape VMS for my VAXstation 3100 KA42-A V1.3 , because i have just a device tape(small) to boot.

My email is [email protected]

I really appreciate your time sir.

Best regards,

Oscar Anaut
osca1069@hotmail.com osca1069@yahoo.com
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