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Author 8.3 ALPHA media kit

Posts: 11
Joined: 19.11.09
Posted on March 17 2011 03:12
I am thinking of ordering an 8.3 Alpha media kit. However, I noticed that ACMS & DECForms are not included.

How can I get these as well?
Author RE: 8.3 ALPHA media kit

Posts: 19
Joined: 23.04.08
Posted on March 24 2011 12:07
And here-in is the start of an exercise in futility :-(

I have asked about obtaining other OpenVMS software and you will hit a dead end almost everywhere you look.

I'm not blaming the hobbyist program, the problem is HP and their ridiculous fear of...I'm not sure, but what-ever it is they fear they certainly don't make it easy for people to even try OpenVMS.

Perhaps they are afraid someone will reverse engineer their code? Who's knows! Who cares for that matter - apart from those like me that believes the extreme difficultly in getting hold of OpenVMS (software) is helping to send OpenVMS to an early grave.

HP's attitude towards OpenVMS software distribution did surprise me after seeing how much the nix camp will bend over backwards to get their software in your hands in what-ever shape or form.

It's NOT the hobbyists programs fault - the people here don't get paid for helping run this place - I say the impasse comes from much higher up - i.e. HP. I've even emailed HP and got...zero response - surprise surprise.

Good luck getting hold of that additional software. You have to either join an education program or join a development program or beg, borrow, steal the media because HP sure as hell will not make it easy for you to obtain it.

Do I have a chip on my shoulder about this? Dam straight I do - I am on a major IT forum and wrote up an article about giving OpenVMS a go. I listed about the Alpha emulator bla bla bla and got a fair amount of interest until we got to the media bit - then people turned away and said 'forget it'. Many shaking their head as to whether HP really wants people to use OpenVMS.
This is like a shopkeeper chasing potential buyers out of the shop! Come on HP - wake up.

Anyhow, best of luck with getting hold of the additional software - I gave up as have a lot of others :-(

Let us know if you did manage to get hold of it - I wouldn't mind err 'borrowing it' from you :-)
Author RE: 8.3 ALPHA media kit

Posts: 11
Joined: 19.11.09
Posted on March 25 2011 20:20
THanks for your reply. I knew it was going to be very very difficult to get them. However, I also use GEIN so I wondered how they must have got the software.

Thanks again! I will definitely let the community know if I get hold of the software for the Personal Alphs.
Edited by raperswil on March 25 2011 20:31
Author RE: 8.3 ALPHA media kit

Posts: 53
Joined: 24.05.08
Posted on June 17 2011 06:07
Officially you can borrow the media if you know someone who has it, but no one can put it online or make copies.

For a while one of the old websites run by John Wisniewski had many of the old layered products from a ConDist up, but that went away after he died.

Unfortunately I don't think HP corporate leadership really cares if OpenVMS dies.
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December 12 2017
HPE only makes the most current version of OpenVMS Alpha / IA64 /VAX available to hobbyists. When I had access to the Alliance 1 program it was the same. No public downloads are allowed by HPE.

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March 16 2017
peteherrera. Agreed.

March 04 2017
It would be nice to be able to buy the lastest hardcopy full OpenVMS docset at a very reduced price through the Hobbyist program. smiley

February 05 2017
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February 02 2017
What's the status of DECUS memberships? Just found my membership card. :-)

January 06 2017
Searching for Pathworks 6.0 for DOS & Windows. Anyone have it?

December 29 2016
The openvms disks question is frequently answered in the forums, and is not something to ask about in the shout box.

December 29 2016
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December 26 2016
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December 24 2016
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