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Author So who's played Fallout 3?

Posts: 1
Joined: 16.07.10
Posted on July 16 2010 19:25
Hi there everyone.

While playing the RPG/FPS game Fallout 3, I thought it would be cool to find a real-world operating system that matched Fallout 3's fictional operating system, the Unified Operation System. I think it would be cool to have a computer function as a server, then have clients that can log in and run commands, all from a command line, of course. After some researching, I arrived at the conclusion that the developers over at Bethesda tried to mirror their fictional operating system after OpenVMS.

Of course, to my disappointment, I learned that the actual operating system was commercial, and not intended for home/hobbyist users. (That was before I found this site.)

I'm a tad bit confused, though. Optimally, I'd like to be able to run OpenVMS as a guest within VMware Workstation (on an X86 processor), although I don't see what to get, or where/how to get it.

Do I have to register a license first? If so, what for?

Or am I just over my head here? I just thought it would be cool to play with an OS that was purely command line, with a monochrome feel to it smiley

Thanks for any help. And nice to meet the community!

Author RE: So who's played Fallout 3?

User Avatar

Posts: 86
Location: Illinois
Joined: 26.05.07
Posted on July 18 2010 03:16
Well, yes and no. Actually what you seem to be describing could well be UNIX or any number of other environments that have been with us for several decades, but OpenVMS could also qualify.

You can't run OpenVMS in VMware, no. VMware virtualizes x86 hardware, and OpenVMS requres the VAX, Alpha, or IA64 processor.

You CAN run OpenVMS on an emulation package rather than a virtualization. One such package that will work is SimH, an open source freeware emulation platform you can get from the web. By setting up SimH to emulate a VAX or MicroVAX, you can then install and run OpenVMS on it.

There are also DEC Alpha emulators that run on Intel style hardware, both commercial products and freeware. You can find more information about those here as well.

To run OpenVMS on an Intel type PC, you need to install a suitable emulator. Then you need to acquire a hobbyist license (which in turn requires that you join Connect/Encompass, or anothis HP-Compaq-DEC user group if you live outside the US.) Finally, you will need to acquire the installation media, which can be purchased on CD for about $30. To the best of my knowledge, the OpenVMS installation kit cannot just be downloaded anywhere, but must be obtained on real media.

There are sections on this forum for discussion of hobbyist licensing, software installation, and running VMS under the various emulators.

An alternative is to obtain the real hardware, such as a MicroVAX desktop machine or a small Alpha desktop or server. These machines appear often on auction sites and through resellers, and can be had for a wide range of prices.

The specific topic areas in this forum are a good place to start learning. Good luck.
Edited by Altivo on July 20 2010 15:49
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