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Author sold: 2× HP Integrity rx2620 “Montecito”

Posts: 87
Location: The Netherlands
Joined: 28.03.10
Posted on October 22 2012 10:04
Two Hewlett-Packard Integrity rx2620 systems ― with dual-core, hyperthreading, VT-x, etc. “Montecito” processors ― are still for sale, although some have shown interest so far. I'm also open for trades, with lots of bargaining chips (items to trade, see some of my other threads) and I'm generally open to various ideas.

To put a concrete price tag on a certain configuration. For the below, I'm looking for approximately EUR 450 or to trade one for an HP zx2000:

• 2× Intel Itanium 9015 (SL9PC, released in 2007), “Montecito” dual-core and hyperthreading processors with VT-x at 1400 MHz with 12 Mbytes cache (400 MHz FSB), installed last year (brand-new out of the box);
• 8 Gbytes ECC-registered DDR-SDRAM;
• HP iLO/MP card, with on-board ATi Radeon 7000 and SSH license;
• LSI 1030 dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI on-board, with additional external HD68 connector;
• Intel i82546 dual GbE NIC on-board;
• HP rx2620 4-slot PCI-X card cage;
• HP rx2620 650 watt hot-swap PSU;
• HP slimline DVD-ROM drive.

Here are some pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (Couldn't “[IMG]”-embed them, for some reason.)

I paid around EUR 250 one and a half year ago for each of these two rx2620s at the time (and I had to get both, for EUR 500 total, to get them or any of them at all; that was part of the deal, as I bought them from a company that parted with them). They originally came with fairly basic configurations, with only single-core “Madison-9M” processors and around 4 Gbytes RAM each. I believe one or more even lacked iLO/MP cards. Later I found “Montecito” processors, which cost me at least EUR 125 per kit (very low estimate, considering the shipping costs, import duties and all the extras, special power cables, new Processor Airflow Guide, etc. I had to pay for and buy). I did all of that as a poor student with my hard-earned money and full of enthusiasm (I was very eager to want to try HPVM, amongst other things), to motivate the above.

The reason I'm doing them away is because they're too big for my needs and because I can't afford to run them anymore, also, because I'm working on my portfolio (with regard to my graphics design, post-production major, background and training). I also haven't found much time to run things like HPVM (also known as Integrity VM). For my VMS needs, I still have a DS15 and a Multia/UDB.

Edited by eMGee on April 03 2013 09:49
Author RE: FS/FT: 2× HP Integrity rx2620 “Montecito”

Posts: 87
Location: The Netherlands
Joined: 28.03.10
Posted on January 09 2013 09:12
One will be sold soon, so one remains.

Author RE: FS/FT: 2× HP Integrity rx2620 “Montecito”

Posts: 87
Location: The Netherlands
Joined: 28.03.10
Posted on March 11 2013 02:53
This system will be scrapped (and perhaps sold it parts) if it isn't spoken for by the end of Friday. Many of the ‘extras’ (PCI/PCI-X/AGP expansions) by the end of Tuesday.

Author RE: sold: 2× HP Integrity rx2620 “Montecito”

Posts: 87
Location: The Netherlands
Joined: 28.03.10
Posted on April 03 2013 09:50
The last one has been sold.

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