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Author Network COnfiguration

Posts: 11
Joined: 19.11.09
Posted on January 12 2011 07:25
Hello All
First things first: network configuration is not my strongest point.

I have the foll set up.

OSX --> Parallels 5 --> Win 2003 --> Personal Alpha --> VMS 8.3

I am trying to get network configured on VMS, I tried the TCPIP$CONFIG.COM utility, where I tried to set the interface. I ended up assigning as IP.

How can I get Win2003 to telnet to it and FTP? I need help with the networking part. I enabled TELNET and FTP services fine.

Author RE: What are your emulated network adapters?

Posts: 530
Joined: 15.04.08
Posted on January 12 2011 17:01
I have set up VMS clusters using both VirtualBox and VMware Fusion on MacBook Pro / OS-X.

I have used Windows XP and Windows 7 for the VM running FreeAXP and what ever the current UBUNTU desktop was for the VM running SimH.

With out using VMs, you need to have a TUNTAP type adapter to bridge networking connections.

The simplest way to do the networking when you are running with VMs is to set up the Guest with an extra virtual network adapter. Then make sure that no network protocols are bound to the adapter and dedicate it to the emulator.

The VM Guests that I set up all have 4 virtual network interface cards (NICs).

NIC 1: bridged or NAT as needed from the Guest OS to the real NIC on the host.

NIC 2: bridged to an internal only LAN that is shared between guest OSs and the emulated hardware.

NIC 3: Bridged to the real NIC, and used only by the emulator so that VMS can reach the outside world.

NIC 4: Bridged to the internal only LAN and used only by the emulator for communications between the VMS systems and the guest OSes.

It looks like the virtualization software sets up a virtual network adapter on the host OS for the internal only LAN. I have not tried using that yet.
Author RE: Network COnfiguration

User Avatar

Posts: 12
Location: The Netherlands
Joined: 29.01.13
Posted on November 04 2015 03:18
here http://www.divit.nl/index.php/openvms/tips-trics is everything you need to know
Author RE: Network COnfiguration

Posts: 11
Joined: 19.11.09
Posted on March 29 2016 05:16
Hello MalmBerg and Bart
Thank you for responding. I have spent several hours both on the Virtual Alpha users guide as well as Bart's link.
Here are the steps I have taken :
1. I now have a Windows 8 64-bit laptop. This is an office laptop with STATIC IP address configured on the Ethernet card and a Wifi.
2. Installed Windows 2012 in both VmWare Player and Virtual Box. I saw Bart's web page where he set the 'Promiscous mode' so I continued with Virtual Box here onwards.
3. Network cards configured in Windows 2012 guest are
3.1 NIC1 - NAT with Host Windows 8.
3.2 NIC2 - BRIDGE Adaptor to Windows 8 Ethernet card with Promiscous mode (Allow all) and 'Cable Connected'.
3.3 NIC3 - BRIDGE Adaptor to Windows 8 Wifi card with Promiscous mode (Allow all) and 'Cable Connected'.
3.4 NIC4 - HOST-ONLY Adaptor / Virtual Box-host only adapotpor. Promiscous mode (Allow all) and 'Cable Connected'. I suspect this is a stand alone NIC in guest.
3.5 NIC5 - TAP Windows adaptor from OpenVPN.
4. Bridging between NIC4 and NIC5.
4.1 Right click on NIC4 and uncheck TCPIP4 and TCPIP6. Windows client is also automatically unchecked.
4.2 Bridge NIC4 and NIC5. The combined bridge has an IP of
5. Install Migration specialities FreeAXP. Ensure the NET START MSIPCAP command is executed correctly with no errors.
6. Specify the NIC as NIC5 from 3.5
7. Boot into OpenVMS 8.4 and run @SYS$MANAGER:TCPIP$CONFIG.COM
7.1 In Interfaces (option 1 followed by 2), add an address against interface WE0.
$ tcpip sh int
Interface IP_Addr Network mask Receive Send MTU

LO0 4208 4208 4096
WE0 0 14 1500

I cant ping from Win2012, nor from VMS.

Assumptions :
1. I do not need NIC4 and NIC5 to talk to a DHCP server or DNS. I hope the bridging should take care of this.
2. VMS need not talk to the internet. ALL I WANT IS TO FTP the RDB database software to VMS from Windows.

Please let me know if my current setup is feasible and where I am going wrong.

Thank you.
Author RE: Network COnfiguration
Bruce Claremont

Posts: 623
Joined: 07.01.10
Posted on March 30 2016 04:52
See if you can ping or telnet to the virtual Alpha from another system. If so, Windows and FreeAXP are sharing the same NIC. You will need to turn off Windows services on the FreeAXP NIC to prevent this from happening.
Author RE: Network COnfiguration

Posts: 11
Location: Leon, Spain
Joined: 28.03.06
Posted on May 18 2020 01:21
Bart wrote:
here http://www.divit.nl/index.php/openvms/tips-trics is everything you need to know

This link seems to be down, is it archived anywhere on the net?
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