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OpenVMS Hobbyist Program | Hobbyist Licensing | Alpha License PAK's
Author Need a little help... new to openVMS and need to learn quickly

Posts: 2
Joined: 05.12.12
Posted on December 05 2012 13:55
Long story short, I'm the new site VMS admin (not by choice) and need to obtain a hobbyist license so I can learn on my own.

How does one obtain a hobbyist license?

My webs searches haven't yielded many results... any help is appreciated.
Author RE: Need a little help... new to openVMS and need to learn quickly

Posts: 2
Joined: 05.12.12
Posted on December 05 2012 14:19
A little more searching and was able to find the answer.

Hope this helps other that are looking for the hobbyist license.

I signed up with DECUSERVE.

obtained a membership ID

signed up for a hobbyist license at openvms.org.
Author RE: Need a little help... new to openVMS and need to learn quickly

Posts: 530
Joined: 15.04.08
Posted on December 06 2012 03:11
There is some information at http://sourceforge.net/p/vms-ports/wiki/Home/ that will be useful for getting started at system configuration and administration.

There is quite a bit of information available about VMS on the wild wild web. There is a lot at encompasserve.org, and hoffmanlabs.com.


There are also several books available.

The good news is that VMS really does not take much in the way of baby sitting to keep it running if it is properly set up.

VMS is also one of the best documented platforms available and one of the easiest to learn to use and program.

The bad news is that a VMS system that is very poorly set up will still be able to to useful work, but may be a nightmare to understand what is really going on.

I have seen many VMS systems in working production environments that are so mis-configured that I am amazed that they function at all, and if the same configuration errors were made on other operating systems, they probably would not even boot.
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August 04 2022
No more VAX hobbyist licenses. Community licenses for Alpha/IA64/X86_64 VMS Software Inc. Commercial VMS software licenses for VAX available from HPE.

July 20 2022
Just re-visiting.. No more hobbyist licenses? Is that from vmssoftware.com, no 'community' licenses?

July 01 2022
No more hobbyist license...sad

February 12 2022
I recall that the disks failed on the public access VMS systems that included Fafner

January 03 2022
Anyone know what happened to FAFNER.DYNDS.ORG? I had a hobbyist account here but can longer access the site.

October 27 2021
Make that DECdfs _2.1A_ for Vax

October 27 2021
I'm looking for DECdfs V2.4A kit for VAX. Asking here just in case anyone is still listening.

September 17 2021
At one time, didn't this web site have a job board? I would love to use my legacy skills one last time in my career.

January 18 2021
New Hobbyist PAKs for VAX/VMS are no longer available according to reports. Only commercial licenses are reported to be for sale from HPE

January 16 2021
Can someone please point me to hobbyist license pak? I'm looking for VAX/VMS 7.1, DECnet Phase IV, and UCX/TCPIP ... have the 7.1 media, need the license paks ... thanks!

October 16 2020
OpenVMS, and this website!

September 05 2020
VSI community non-commercial licenses for AXP/IA64 are available now.

September 05 2020
See the forum about licensing. Don't know if HPE hobby licenses still being issued. Commercial licenses still being sold.

September 01 2020
I need the license for OpenVMS7.3. Where can I find them?

August 29 2020
Eisner, which is currently being moved, got an SSH update and the keys were updated to more modern encryption standards.

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