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OpenVMS Hobbyist Program | Hobbyist Licensing | Alpha License PAK's
Author License Renewal

Posts: 26
Location: Canada
Joined: 04.12.08
Posted on August 11 2009 06:10
Just a quick question to the experienced Hobbyists.

My first and current Alpha Hobbyist Licenses expire in December 2009 and not being a "last minute" type of individual I requested new ones today. As the new issued licenses carry an identical expiry date to my first licenses I am obviously trying to renew too early.

Could anyone help to clarify the timing of when (how far in advance) renewals can normally be requested as I assume this could be problematic if not done in advance of the expiration date.

Author RE: License Renewal

Posts: 26
Location: Canada
Joined: 04.12.08
Posted on August 12 2009 01:53

Thank you.
Author RE: License Renewal

Posts: 2
Location: Australia
Joined: 22.11.08
Posted on February 03 2010 03:52
Alternatively Feb 2010 could come around before you realize your Hobbyist license expired in Dec 2009!-( How do I renew? Do I need my Connect/Encompass membership number and if so how do I find it?
Author RE: License Renewal

User Avatar

Posts: 134
Location: Hopedale, MA USA
Joined: 15.12.05
Posted on February 04 2010 00:57
traubm wrote:
Alternatively Feb 2010 could come around before you realize your Hobbyist license expired in Dec 2009!-( [...]

I have avoided this particular problem by using the following command in LOGIN.COM:

$ pipe show license | search sys$pipe "show-i-termimm"/nohigh /nowarn

This will produce a nice little warning message when your licenses are about to expire (30-60 days?). I'd like to provide attribution, but I forget who crafted this command. Of course, your version of VMS must support PIPE (V7.N and above?)
Author RE: License Renewal

Posts: 2
Location: Australia
Joined: 22.11.08
Posted on February 05 2010 01:09
Thanks all!

I had found my registration number embedded in the existing licenses and managed to re-authorize eventually. I can't find any way to obtain it on the Connect web site anymore and I never bothered to write it down.

It's definitely worth renewing before your old licenses expire for two reasons:

1. No TCP/IP stack, that means you can't FTP the license up to the server and have to rely on cut/paste which I have found to be fairly problematical. I resorted to getting the base license and TCP/IP back up and running then FTP'ing the other licenses up and installing them separately.

2. No renewal. I found the old licenses still there and complaining alongside the new ones. I eventually resorted to "license delete *" and then re-installed the new licenses.

I'll be altering my login script nowsmiley
Author RE: License Renewal

Posts: 12
Joined: 30.03.10
Posted on November 30 2012 03:16
johncookson wrote:

Thank you.

However you do not say what the optimal time period was?! My guess is that if you apply within 30 days of your licence expiry date, the system will assume you want new licences, not duplicates of your old ones, and send the new ones instead?

Is that correct?

I intend to try this idea out in January next year, which is within the 30 day period when my current Alpha licences expire...
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