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Author DECserver 900tm to Alpha opa0: reverse telnet woes

Posts: 18
Joined: 15.02.07
Posted on March 28 2013 03:33
I've got two ports on a DECserver 900tm, connected to the opa0: connections on two Alphas. The ports display messages from the host quite happily, but pressing return to get a Username: prompt doesn't work.

I'm figuring it's related to the telnet listener setup, but not sure where.
Telnet server characteristics are:

Port 32

Xmit Char Size: 8 Newline From Term: <CRLF>
Rcv Char Size: 8 Newline From Host: <CRLF>
IP: None Newline To Term: <CRLF>
AYT: None Newline To Host: <CR>
AO: None EC: None
EOR: None EL: None
NOP: None BRK: Break
PPP Hot Key: None SLIP Hot Key: None
Echo Negotiation: Initiate

They're the same across both ports.
Any thoughts please guys?
Author RE: DECserver 900tm to Alpha opa0: reverse telnet woes
Bruce Claremont

Posts: 606
Joined: 07.01.10
Posted on March 28 2013 04:23
If you are connected to OPA0, then the serial side is usually 9600,8,N,1 with Xon/Xoff flow control. The terminal and DECserver port configurations need to match.
Author RE: DECserver 900tm to Alpha opa0: reverse telnet woes

Posts: 18
Joined: 15.02.07
Posted on March 28 2013 04:30
Hey Bruce,
That all seems to be in order and the console messages are coming up the cable correctly. It just seems to be actions to the host that are off.
I'd say it was a bad cable, but there are two ports affected.

Character Size: 8 Input Speed: 9600
Flow Control: XON Output Speed: 9600
Parity: None Signal Control: Disabled
Stop Bits: Dynamic Signal Select: CTS-DSR-RTS-DTR

Access: Remote Local Switch: None
Backwards Switch: None Name: PORT_32
Break: Local Session Limit: 1
Forwards Switch: None Type: Ansi
Default Protocol: Telnet Default Menu: None
Autolink Timer One:10 Two:10 Dialer Script: None

Preferred Service: None
Authorized Groups: 0
(Current) Groups: 0

Enabled Characteristics:
Author RE: DECserver 900tm to Alpha opa0: reverse telnet woes

Posts: 107
Joined: 12.03.10
Posted on March 28 2013 09:01
The only differences from mine (which works) is the TYPE I have is HARD non ANSI and the "break" in mine is set to REMOTE Also, my default protocol is LAT, but that should not affect anything here.

I also do not have the line below listed when I look at a port.

Autolink Timer One:10 Two:10 Dialer Script: None

Hope this helps,
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