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Author VAXStation 4000/60 - some questions

Posts: 11
Joined: 19.11.12
Posted on December 01 2012 18:23
So I've got my new VAXStation here; it's in good shape, powers on and appears to get through the self-test. However, I'm having some problems:

* I don't seem to be getting a picture out of the video card (PV21X-GD high-resolution color board.) I'm using an LCD monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 193p Plus) that is supposed to support sync-on-green (and that definitely supports the resolution and refresh rate used) with a makeshift cable setup (RS/6000 3W3-to-BNC cable plus 3xBNC-to-VGA cable - I gather that the RS/6000 has red and blue switched around, but I accounted for that and anyway it should only affect the colors, not the ability to form a picture.) But I'm not getting anything - the monitor OSD is claiming "no signal," not even that it's out-of-range. Is there some trick to this that I'm missing?

* More problematically, I can't get to the console over the serial port, either. I have the baud rate set correctly on my terminal, but I'm not seeing any output at all. Do the console functions only work over the MMJ RS-423 serial port and not the DB-25 RS-232 one?
Edited by commodorejohn on December 01 2012 18:24
Author RE: VAXStation 4000/60 - some questions

Posts: 11
Joined: 19.11.12
Posted on December 06 2012 11:44
Okay, my serial adapter got here this morning, and she's booting to the console over the serial port smiley It's actually got the full 104MB of RAM; this was more of a score than I'd realized! Still having some trouble, though. For starters, SHOW DEVICE doesn't seem to list the hard drive, so I'm assuming some SCSI voodoo is in order. Joy. :/ (That, or my 68-to-50-pin adapter doesn't work - entirely possible, as I've never actually used it before. I need to get my PC SCSI controller installed so I can verify some of this stuff...)

Furthermore, while it recognizes the CD drive just fine, when I try to boot from it (b/r5:10000000 dka400:, according to the OpenVMS VAX install guide,) it loads from disk and then just sits there. It might simply be taking a while, but there's no further disk activity, and the two times I've halted it in the middle, it's shown the exact same PC value, which kinda suggests that it's just sitting idle at that address...is there something I'm missing, here?
Author RE: VAXStation 4000/60 - some questions
Bruce Claremont

Posts: 606
Joined: 07.01.10
Posted on December 07 2012 12:56
Did you try a "b dka400" against the CD?
Author RE: VAXStation 4000/60 - some questions

Posts: 527
Joined: 15.04.08
Posted on December 07 2012 15:06

Install SimH or other VAX emulator on a platform with network support through a TAP device or even better a dedicated physical or emulated NIC on another computer.

Install VMS on it and configure it as a LAVC BOOT node.

Boot your VAXstation as a diskless node and see if it can recognize your hard drive.

Or have the VAXstation MSCP access the drives from SimH and do not worry about having local hard drives on it.

VMS on Alpha Emulators can also be MSCP boot servers for VAXen, but that is harder to set up.

VMS on Alpha emulators can also be set up to be an Infoserver node. In that case the VAX would not be a cluster member, but you could still boot from a CD-ROM served on the network.
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