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EnricoGranata on November 11 2008 07:06
i can't get a DECUS number.. anyone can help?
samnirmal on October 11 2008 06:28
Waiting for OpenVMS Hobbyist Integrity PAK. Any hope?
Etch4 on October 05 2008 23:54
Location DCPS ??? 1) Hobbist CD-ROM V8.3 2) HD OVMS V8.3 3) Order from HP 4) Download Grtzzz . . . Dimitri
Gumbo on October 03 2008 05:54
Vax Media Kits? Help!
operagost on October 01 2008 10:48
myvax: I have a BA353 with two RZ28s (2 Gsmiley in it. You can get a CEN50-HD50 SCSI cable and it will hook right up. Or, you can crack the SBBs open and just drop in the disk. Send me a PM if you'
myvax310090 on September 13 2008 06:19
hello I have a dead 4000 VLC that needs a low profile 1 or 2 gig drive. Anyone have a couple to sell or trade??
PLANCOULAINE on September 13 2008 05:44
What is procedure for downloading License PAK's?? thank you, Benoît
duncan_crichton on September 12 2008 00:03
I have a problem with batch jobs disappearing from the Queue with %LOGIN-F-FILEACC, error accessing system authorization file
PIEBALDconsult on September 09 2008 16:18
urbancamo : you could ask on the appropriate forum (if there is one)
urbancamo on September 02 2008 21:30
What software can I use on IA64 OpenVMS as an imap email client?
junpa on August 29 2008 14:54
sup all smiley
pfau on August 28 2008 16:33
you can create your own kits to be installed independently of whatever you're trying to amend. that might be a cleaner way to do it
2dhananjay on August 25 2008 22:47
can someone tell me if we can edit a kit-disk so that we can add batch files to it
nawaljbili on August 25 2008 00:49
alpha vms
imiller on August 21 2008 05:51
To acquire licence PAKs visit the Register Licences link to http://www.openvmshobbyist.org/licenses.php
thompsonkg on August 14 2008 14:17
confused search engine said user accounts, none here?
bareridgeranch on August 14 2008 06:44
What is procedure for downloading License PAK's??
vmshansp on August 03 2008 12:06
Amnas: Ordering a Hobbyist licence for VAX or Alpha, go http://www.montagar.com/hobbyist/mount.html
martinv2 on July 31 2008 00:17
Hey! 2^10 members! Cool!
BillPedersen on July 30 2008 04:22
To Ricsch: PURGE is a good command to consider since VMS uses versioning of files and new files are created for the operator log and other log files and unless you are tracking these they can be purg
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November 09 2018
Thank you , Malmberg ! Exactly what I was hoping for . Reset key & all is well . JImL

November 09 2018
Eisner was upgraded to the current Multinet Release. As part of that a new host key was generated. The old key was incompatible with newer Linux.

November 02 2018
ssh to eisner is now giving (on linux) "WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!" , Has the server key in fact changed ?

June 26 2018

June 24 2018
I am trying OpenVMS via SIMH. Need to get OS binaries for v7.3. Registered here but don't have any membership number yet which is needed to get license. Pls suggest what to do. I hardly know anyth

June 05 2018
Any other forum members in Perth, Australia?

April 05 2018
ah maybe they love that!

March 24 2018
Probably. More people hang out on the comp.os.vms newsgroup.

March 23 2018
I have a PE42A and other Alpha system stuff for sale. I'm in So California. Any interest out there?

February 27 2018
To Prohorenko. Please, visit group OpenVMS in the ok.ru

February 24 2018
How much does it cost to buy a complete OpenVMS hardcopy documentation set of the latest version

February 17 2018
Please help to obtain the license on OpenVMS

December 12 2017
HPE only makes the most current version of OpenVMS Alpha / IA64 /VAX available to hobbyists. When I had access to the Alliance 1 program it was the same. No public downloads are allowed by HPE.

December 08 2017
Is anybody knows OpenVMS 8.2 version downloadable version? or CD copy? Thank you very much

December 02 2017
Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiasts ( plus distributed computing ) please connec / reply: http://www.openvmshobbyis

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