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pfau on February 08 2009 06:21
someone forget to renew the site's domain name? accessing the site by name dumps you at godaddy
GerryB on February 06 2009 16:35
As an amateur locksmith my interest in locks and keys is substantial. Enjoy the pic of some of my DEC keys.
eestorba on February 04 2009 13:52
guys, is the media pack willl do on this servers? Alpha Server 2100 Alpha Server DS 20E new bie here thanks
imiller on February 04 2009 04:56
A kit containing media for the OpenVMS Alpha hobbyist is available from this site.
amnas on February 03 2009 23:30
Hello verybody. In France, where can I get Open VMS?
imiller on January 29 2009 06:20
There was a version of FORTH for VAX/VMS... What about SCAN ? It was ported to Alpha.
jlebel on January 27 2009 09:39
I learned Basic Plus 2 on a PDP-11/70 back in the early 80s, then VAX Basic in 83. How many other langs have run on PDP, VAX, Alpha, and IA64?
HobbyistOne on January 24 2009 03:18
Wow! I don't think we've ever had a poll get so much response before. A lot of excitement for their favorite tools and languages. Very cool! No calls for ADA, Lisp, or MUMPS?
gtackett on January 22 2009 06:32
TPU certainly belongs on the list. I really enjoyed learning and using it. I used to make small tweaks to EVE and LSE and also did a few really simple one-shot applications in pure TPU.
gtackett on January 22 2009 06:29
MACRO-11 is/was the PDP-11 assembly language. Early VAX systems had a hardware compatibility mode that allowed them to directly execute PDP-11 code. You could develop code on a PDP-11 using RSX-11M an
PIEBALDconsult on January 21 2009 11:36
Macro-11? You mean VAX-11 Macro? I had one semester of it in college. I won't claim to have learned it, but I passed. I see Macro64 is in the hobbyist license list.
imiller on January 21 2009 09:35
gtackett on January 21 2009 07:27
Is C++ an omission or are you lumping it in with C? (I don't use C++ myself.) Also, Macro-11 was at one point an OpenVMS programming language too. I doubt, though, that anyone's still writi
PIEBALDconsult on January 20 2009 07:43
DCL is so a programming language, it's just not a compiled language
DTL on January 17 2009 23:05
I *know* that DCL is NOT a programming language, but I *do* program in DCL. Could you *please* add DCL in your list? Thanks.
GerryB on January 17 2009 08:47
Thank you for adding BASIC and Pascal. I just voted for BASIC, but I've used Pascal, C, and MACRO on the VAX. No! Wait, the Pascal I used was on the PDP-11.
PIEBALDconsult on January 16 2009 08:45
I learned Pascal on a PDP-11, but once I learned C I never looked back.
BartZorn on January 14 2009 21:21
Ah, Pascal has been added to the above poll. Now I can vote! Basic is second for me.
HobbyistOne on January 14 2009 18:35
Okay, I've added BASIC and Pascal to the list. IMHO, VAX Pascal really rocked. Too bad Wirth didn't have some of the forethought shown by the DEC Languages group...
PIEBALDconsult on January 12 2009 13:00
I don't know about anyone else, by my Connect membership (at least for their website) expired on 12/31 and I had to get it reactivated.
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November 09 2018
Thank you , Malmberg ! Exactly what I was hoping for . Reset key & all is well . JImL

November 09 2018
Eisner was upgraded to the current Multinet Release. As part of that a new host key was generated. The old key was incompatible with newer Linux.

November 02 2018
ssh to eisner is now giving (on linux) "WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!" , Has the server key in fact changed ?

June 26 2018

June 24 2018
I am trying OpenVMS via SIMH. Need to get OS binaries for v7.3. Registered here but don't have any membership number yet which is needed to get license. Pls suggest what to do. I hardly know anyth

June 05 2018
Any other forum members in Perth, Australia?

April 05 2018
ah maybe they love that!

March 24 2018
Probably. More people hang out on the comp.os.vms newsgroup.

March 23 2018
I have a PE42A and other Alpha system stuff for sale. I'm in So California. Any interest out there?

February 27 2018
To Prohorenko. Please, visit group OpenVMS in the ok.ru

February 24 2018
How much does it cost to buy a complete OpenVMS hardcopy documentation set of the latest version

February 17 2018
Please help to obtain the license on OpenVMS

December 12 2017
HPE only makes the most current version of OpenVMS Alpha / IA64 /VAX available to hobbyists. When I had access to the Alliance 1 program it was the same. No public downloads are allowed by HPE.

December 08 2017
Is anybody knows OpenVMS 8.2 version downloadable version? or CD copy? Thank you very much

December 02 2017
Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiasts ( plus distributed computing ) please connec / reply: http://www.openvmshobbyis

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