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Author arragh - unable to run games.

Posts: 11
Location: Australia
Joined: 26.02.10
Posted on April 03 2010 15:11
Hello everyone,

I have a few questions about running the games which are found under the game downloads. I am very new to OpenVMS, having had my emulator running for a week now (Yay).

My operating system is debian linux & I have the simh/vax running openvms. I have downloaded the various games here and tried to get them to run with no success.

To take one game as an example, I have,
1/ downloaded the 'dungeon.zip' to the linux.
2/ run under linux, 'unzip -a dungeon.zip' to get a file 'dungeon.bck' (I'm not sure if the -a option was needed but I read somewhere that it was)
3/ placed this in a directory calling it 'GAMES' and made a small .iso file
4/ mounted this .iso file in the openvms simulation.
5/ and copied the dungeon.bck into a user directory (on openvms).

At this point I dont really know what I am doing. The 'BACKUP' command shows the following:

Listing of save set(s)

My question is what am I doing wrong ? What else do I have to do ?

I have tried a few times to download the 'Battlestar' game, but it does not download. I likes this one and it would be great to get the openvms to run it. It has such a dramatic begining.

..... The floor shudders and the sounds of dull explosions rumble though the room. From a window in the wall ahead comes a view of darkest space. ..... r ..... These are the executive suites of the battlestar. Luxurious staterooms carpeted with crushed velvet and adorned with beaten gold open onto this parlor. .....

Any assistance would be much appreciated.
Edited by marla on April 03 2010 20:26
Author RE: arragh - unable to run games.

Posts: 12
Joined: 31.03.10
Posted on April 04 2010 01:03
Backup savesets use a number of 'extended' filesystem attributes to store their record size, file format etc... When you copy a backup saveset to a non-OpenVMS filesystem (e.g. ext3, ntfs), these attributes are lost because these filesystems do not have the necessary fields to stores this information.

If you unzip the file on the VMS system (using InfoZip), the saveset will probably be created with the correct RMS attributes because the zip file will (likely) have been created to store these.

The other option (and probably the quickest in this case) is the use the 'fix saveset' command file available on the HP website:


Author RE: arragh - unable to run games.

Posts: 11
Location: Australia
Joined: 26.02.10
Posted on April 06 2010 00:42
Heya matt002,

Some excellent information, thanks for the posting. Im still not there yet and I dont have it working yet, but hey, Im having fun : )

Thanks again,
Edited by marla on April 06 2010 00:43
Author RE: arragh - unable to run games.

Posts: 17
Location: Texas
Joined: 01.06.21
Posted on June 05 2021 14:07
OpenVMS Backup Save Sets become "corrupted" during FTP copies. In binary mode it sets the MRS and LRS attributes to 512 bytes which is illegal for Backup Save Sets.
This script reads the first record (in 512 byte format) and looks at byte 28. That is the original blocksize that the backup saveset was created with. Look at this script

$! Fix_Backup_Saveset_Attributes -- Fix Backup save sets sds 15-may-2010
$! When Backup Save Sets go through an FTP transfer, typically the record
$! attributes get mangled to be a maximum record size of 512 and the
$! logical record length of 512.
$! When Backup Save Sets get created, the range of allowable record lengths
$! range from 2048-65535. The BACKUP command has a /BLOCK qualifier that
$! specifies this value. The default is 8192 for distination tape drives, and
$! 32256 for destination disk files.
$ Gosub Setup
$ previous_file = current_file
$ loop: current_file = f$search(P1)
$ If current_file .eqs. previous_file .or. current_file .eqs. "" then exit
$ previous_file = current_file
$ old_mrs = f$file(current_file,"MRS"smiley
$ old_lrl = f$file(current_file,"LRL"smiley
$ old_rat = f$file(current_file,"RAT"smiley
$ old_org = f$file(current_file,"ORG"smiley
$ if f$file(current_file,"SHELVED"smiley
$ then
$ say f$fao("!23AS !AS","Skipping shelved file:", current_file)
$ goto loop
$ endif
$ set file/attrib=(ORG=SEQ,RAT=none,MRS=512,LRL=512) 'current_file'
$ open/read/share/error=put_it_back file 'current_file'
$ read/nolock/error=eof file rec
$ close/error=put_it_back file
$ bbh_l_blocksize = %x28*8
$ BlockSize = f$cvui(bbh_l_blocksize,32,rec)
$ Say f$fao("mrs:!5UW,lrl:!5UW old !AS", old_mrs,old_lrl,current_file)
$ set file/attrib=(MRS='BlockSize',LRL='BlockSize'smiley 'current_file'
$ new_mrs = f$file(current_file,"MRS"smiley
$ new_lrl = f$file(current_file,"LRL"smiley
$ say f$fao("mrs:!5UW,lrl:!5UW new !AS", new_mrs,new_lrl,current_file)
$ goto loop
$ eof: close file
$ put_it_back:
$ set file/attrib=-
(ORG:'old_seq',RAT:'old_rat',MRS:'old_mrs',LRL:'old_lrl'smiley -
$ goto loop
$ Setup:
$ pgm = f$parse(f$environment("procedure"smiley,,,"name"smiley
$ quiet = %x10000000
$ on control_Y then interrupt\'pgm'
$ on warning then exit $status .or. quiet
$ say := Write Sys$output
$ current_file :=
$ return
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