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OpenVMS Hobbyist Program | Hobbyist Licensing | Alpha License PAK's
Author Obtaining the last Hobbyist PAKs from HPE

Posts: 9
Location: Edmonton, AB
Joined: 12.06.08
Posted on September 14 2020 05:03
I have been trying for the last three months to obtain (renew) the last ever Hobbyist license PAKs. Filled out the form at least three times, and sent email to the address that sent me previous PAKs, and have heard nothing! Has anyone been successful in getting the PAKs?? If so, how did you do it?

VSI's Community License is now an option, but I was hoping to keep the Hobbyist license alive awhile longer before committing to the switch to the new PAKs...

Comments and suggestions welcomed ;-)

Author RE: Obtaining the last Hobbyist PAKs from HPE

Posts: 3
Joined: 15.03.20
Posted on September 24 2020 16:50
I've not heard of anyone getting any licenses out of HPE since the the first few months of the year. Possibly CoVID-19 disruption at first but now it seems they're just not issuing them anymore.

I tried contacting the OpenVMS Programs office in early August to see if anything could be done to maintain access to older OpenVMS releases and layered products (things VSI can't distribute). They were of no help though - kept referring me to VSI even though I clearly explained HPE doesn't allow VSI to issue the licenses I was after.

Possibly the OpenVMS office at HPE is closed now and there is just some guy answering the various email addresses based on a script without any actual knowledge about the product.
Author RE: Obtaining the last Hobbyist PAKs from HPE

Posts: 60
Joined: 24.05.08
Posted on October 01 2020 02:39
Same here, though I've been trying to get it since about March. I guess there isn't any particular reason for them to continue to issue them,but it would have been nice if they had bounced it back to Montenegar again. Ah well... guess we still have NetBSD for the VAXes, though it isn't quite the same.
Author RE: Obtaining the last Hobbyist PAKs from HPE

Posts: 4
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Joined: 22.08.19
Posted on October 03 2020 20:54
It seems that since the OpenVMS Hobbyist Program was concluded, communication stopped on the usual channels (the Customer Lab and the form). I tried to contact them myself with no success and a Redditor reported having had the same experience. You can have a look at my question at HPE Community: https://community.hpe.com/t5/operating-system-openvms/renewal-of-openvms-hobbyist-program-paks-and-access-to-the-ftp/m-p/7102827#.X3lxL6YzWV4.

I saw someone saying that they issued final PAKs lasting until the end of 2021, but one had to request them quickly, which I didn't manage to do, since the COVID-19 pandemic began during that time and I had other things to worry about, so now I'm stuck with either setting an earlier date or using a cracked license if I want to use the HPE versions of OpenVMS, both of which are illegal smiley

Author RE: Obtaining the last Hobbyist PAKs from HPE

Posts: 1
Location: Ottawa, ON
Joined: 05.09.20
Posted on November 09 2020 06:20
Is there a way to legally get a copy of the latest HPE installation ISO? Including from other former hobbyist? I had the VAX, Alpha and Integrity licenses with HPE, but mainly worked with VAX. Unfortunately, I never downloaded the Alpha PAKs from HPE and when I try to install OpenVMS 8.4 from VSI, I keep getting an error as it is meant as an update only. This does not prevent me from going through the entire process, but it would be nice to have a clean install...

Author RE: Obtaining the last Hobbyist PAKs from HPE

Posts: 530
Joined: 15.04.08
Posted on November 13 2020 02:18
While I have not yet tried a VSI install, for Alpha, it is my understanding that there are two releases, the older one is an upgrade only, and the newer one is standalone.

One poster on comp.os.vms claimed that if you ignore the errors reported by the upgrade kit when installing it, that so far everything is working.
Author RE: Obtaining the last Hobbyist PAKs from HPE

Posts: 4
Joined: 10.06.21
Posted on June 11 2021 16:12
I had an HP branded VMS 8.4 variant up and running under alphavm_free on Fedora. Then I obtained a VSI Hobbyist license and that also gave me access to the install and DOCs ISO to upgrade and rebrand to V8.4-2L1. Was just like a standard AXP VMS upgrade. Easy as to be honest.
Author RE: Obtaining the last Hobbyist PAKs from HPE

Posts: 60
Joined: 24.05.08
Posted on July 06 2021 18:38
An emulator might not be an issue, but people with real older hardware should keep in mind that the VSI OpenVMS versions have dropped support for all 21064/21164 (EV4/EV5) systems now. Looking at mine and realizing that I'm going to have to go creative or go Tru64 on my 3000/300 and EB164.
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August 04 2022
No more VAX hobbyist licenses. Community licenses for Alpha/IA64/X86_64 VMS Software Inc. Commercial VMS software licenses for VAX available from HPE.

July 20 2022
Just re-visiting.. No more hobbyist licenses? Is that from vmssoftware.com, no 'community' licenses?

July 01 2022
No more hobbyist license...sad

February 12 2022
I recall that the disks failed on the public access VMS systems that included Fafner

January 03 2022
Anyone know what happened to FAFNER.DYNDS.ORG? I had a hobbyist account here but can longer access the site.

October 27 2021
Make that DECdfs _2.1A_ for Vax

October 27 2021
I'm looking for DECdfs V2.4A kit for VAX. Asking here just in case anyone is still listening.

September 17 2021
At one time, didn't this web site have a job board? I would love to use my legacy skills one last time in my career.

January 18 2021
New Hobbyist PAKs for VAX/VMS are no longer available according to reports. Only commercial licenses are reported to be for sale from HPE

January 16 2021
Can someone please point me to hobbyist license pak? I'm looking for VAX/VMS 7.1, DECnet Phase IV, and UCX/TCPIP ... have the 7.1 media, need the license paks ... thanks!

October 16 2020
OpenVMS, and this website!

September 05 2020
VSI community non-commercial licenses for AXP/IA64 are available now.

September 05 2020
See the forum about licensing. Don't know if HPE hobby licenses still being issued. Commercial licenses still being sold.

September 01 2020
I need the license for OpenVMS7.3. Where can I find them?

August 29 2020
Eisner, which is currently being moved, got an SSH update and the keys were updated to more modern encryption standards.

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