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Welcome to the OpenVMS Hobbyist Portal

Our upbeat and pleasant staff are here to help you in anyway they can. Remember we're all volunteers here and we all have day jobs in addition to helping our OpenVMS friends. OpenVMS is the world's best engineered, with the best in Clustering, Functionality, and Security of any Operating System and It is this website's purpose to make OpenVMS available to Hobbyist and Collectors to use and learn with at no charge! Walk the site and join your local participating user group.We hope you find the OpenVMS world as robust and exciting as we do!
Resource Waits and MUTEXes in OpenVMS
Or - "What to do when you RWAST-ed by OpenVMS". This session (with included original session notes) was presented at the 1993 Spring DECUS Symposium in Atlanta, GA.

HobbyistOne on November 11 2018 12:07 · 0 Comments · 6828 Reads · Print
The Halls of SK
GamesHave you ever been eaten by a Grue? Then you've played Zork. But have you ever been trapped in a maze of cubicles? Then you need to play The Halls of ZK. A fun twist on the text adventure games where you get to wander the hallowed halls of Digital Equipment's ZK facility, the home of OpenVMS.

While Digital and ZK are no more, you can still relive the adventure of being there and old-school-cool games. If you don't have an OpenVMS system handy, you can even play it on-line. Source code is available for the extra adventurous, but don't use it to cheat!

Go here to The Halls of ZK and have fun!
HobbyistOne on August 27 2018 05:20
0 Comments · 6647 Reads · Print
Before the VAX and VMS - The PDP-1
In 1959, the PDP-1 made it's debut. It was the beginning of great things. And after watching the video, it's obvious that the PDP-1 monitor was the inspiration of the DECUS Logo. If you ever are in the area of Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, maybe you can drop by and see it.

See more at http://www.computerhistory.org/
HobbyistOne on July 05 2018 17:37
0 Comments · 6304 Reads · Print
Ken Olsen DEC 1957-1989
NewsSaw this video that shows some of the early days of Digital up through the VAX line of processors. It features Ken Olsen, as well as other DEC folks you might recognize.

HobbyistOne on February 14 2018 17:51
1 Comments · 7543 Reads · Print
Where to register for OpenVMS Hobbyists
WIth the split of HP into HP and HP Enterprise, there's been a change in the location for getting Hobbyist Licenses. It's now on the HP Enterprise web sites, which are all using the hpe.com domain.

The new location is HPE OpenVMS Hobbyist Registration

Happy VMS-ing!
HobbyistOne on September 10 2016 10:29
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OpenVMS Boot Camp Early Bird Registration
MembersConnect Worldwide has extended the early -bird registration deadline for the OpenVMS Boot Camp! Sounds like many of our European friends tend to have holidays about this time, so they didn't want anyone to miss it.

The OpenVMS Boot Camp features a variety of Keynotes:

The Future of VSI Multi-Vendor Storages
Business Value of VMS
VSI ISV Partner Solution
VIS - Company Strategy and Directions
VSI Roadmaps
VSI Engineering Panel

In addition, there are over 50 break-out sessions, so there should be lots of interesting information to be found. I wonder if there will be a VMS Magic session?

Early-bird registration is $1,295 and you can register at OpenVMS Boot Camp 2016 home page.

HobbyistOne on August 30 2016 17:21
0 Comments · 8194 Reads · Print
OpenVMS Alpha Field Test
SoftwareFor those that are still running Alpha's, there's good news. You're still loved! VMS Software has announced a evaluation kit for VMS V8.4-2 for all Alpha platforms. The kit comes with a free license good until September 30, 2016, after which you will have to use your real licenses or a Hobbyist license.

If you don't have an existing VMS 8.3 or later Alpha's running OpenVMS, this evaluation kit isn't for you, since it will only upgrade these systems. You can't install it from scratch.

Also note that Layered Products may not install on this version of OpenVMS, since they check for the "HP" producer, and this installation has a producer of "VSI". See the release notes for hints that may help with some of these issues,

For complete information, and to register, check out VMS Software's web site at http://vmssoftware.com/alpha/.
HobbyistOne on May 03 2016 05:23
1 Comments · 9538 Reads · Print
OpenVMS BootCamp 2015
MembersThe 2015 OpenVMS BootCamp is open for registration. If you are looking to get some of the latest information about OpenVMS, this is the place to be. The BootCamp is full of hour long sessions covering a wide variety of OpenVMS topics like Database, Network, Programming, Storage, Hardware, Migration, Security, and System Management. Your Speakers are from VMS Software, Inc and many other companies that provide OpenVMS products, support, consulting.

There is also a Silent Auction of VMS Memorabilia benefiting the Future Leaders of Technology Scholarship Fund.

OpenVMS BootCamp is on Sept. 27th through 30th at the Radisson Nashua Hotel, New Hampshire.

For more information, check out the OpenVMS BootCamp 2015 web site.
HobbyistOne on September 01 2015 01:47
0 Comments · 10169 Reads · Print
A couple of DS20s need a home
HardwareI have a couple of DS20s that my last employer abandoned. They were configured in a cluster on a san and have fiber cards installed. I bought some new (second hand) disks on ebay but don't have the time to put together. I am in CT but can travel some bit to a good home. I also have some distributions and manuals.
hayes1966 on April 21 2015 06:45
2 Comments · 12249 Reads · Print
OpenVMS License Registration Move
SoftwareDue to the many happenings at OpenVMS.org, mainly being that it's down for maintenance, refreshing, revamping, rehosting, and such, the OpenVMS Hobbyist License Registration has changed locations. Now, it's being fully hosted on HP's servers for extra convenience.

You can get your licenses at HP's OpenVMS Hobbyist Registration page.

We hope that OpenVMS.org will be back better than ever soon!
HobbyistOne on April 21 2015 06:39
3 Comments · 14892 Reads · Print
PDP-8 Rescue Road Trip
In July of 1996, John Wisniewski, Pat Jankowiak, and David Cathey made a road trip to St. Louis to recover a collection of PDP-8 systems and other hardware. This is the story of the trip. While this isn't OpenVMS related, it is showing dedication to Digital Equipment Corporation and the durability of the hardware they made.

HobbyistOne on March 19 2014 04:57
1 Comments · 14934 Reads · Print
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August 04 2022
No more VAX hobbyist licenses. Community licenses for Alpha/IA64/X86_64 VMS Software Inc. Commercial VMS software licenses for VAX available from HPE.

July 20 2022
Just re-visiting.. No more hobbyist licenses? Is that from vmssoftware.com, no 'community' licenses?

July 01 2022
No more hobbyist license...sad

February 12 2022
I recall that the disks failed on the public access VMS systems that included Fafner

January 03 2022
Anyone know what happened to FAFNER.DYNDS.ORG? I had a hobbyist account here but can longer access the site.

October 27 2021
Make that DECdfs _2.1A_ for Vax

October 27 2021
I'm looking for DECdfs V2.4A kit for VAX. Asking here just in case anyone is still listening.

September 17 2021
At one time, didn't this web site have a job board? I would love to use my legacy skills one last time in my career.

January 18 2021
New Hobbyist PAKs for VAX/VMS are no longer available according to reports. Only commercial licenses are reported to be for sale from HPE

January 16 2021
Can someone please point me to hobbyist license pak? I'm looking for VAX/VMS 7.1, DECnet Phase IV, and UCX/TCPIP ... have the 7.1 media, need the license paks ... thanks!

October 16 2020
OpenVMS, and this website!

September 05 2020
VSI community non-commercial licenses for AXP/IA64 are available now.

September 05 2020
See the forum about licensing. Don't know if HPE hobby licenses still being issued. Commercial licenses still being sold.

September 01 2020
I need the license for OpenVMS7.3. Where can I find them?

August 29 2020
Eisner, which is currently being moved, got an SSH update and the keys were updated to more modern encryption standards.

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